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CLCA North Coast Journal -February 2023

Greetings North Coast Members,

Please see attached North Coast Journal.

In This issue:

Page 3 - Delta Bluegrass Sod Farm Tour & Free Lunch: Tuesday March 28th (limit 30: first come first serve)

Page 5 - February Pruning Class Recap & Pictures

Page 7 - State Trophy Winners from our Chapter

Page 13 - Welcome New Supplier Member - Garrett ACE Hardware (Healdsburg & Windsor)

Page 14 -"Estimating Class" proposed for our members coming up in the end of April.

Page 15 - The Descendents of the North Coast Chapter carrying the torch onward and upward.

Other Announcements:

JUDGES NEED FOR EAST BAY AWARDS! Awards Season is on the horizon and every year we need to find 3 judges from outside our chapter to judge our entries and so does the east Bay Chapter. So, in the last few years, we have found members of our chapter to judge the East Bay Chapter and they have provided us judges from their chapter. Everyone from our chapter who has judged the East Bay, has thoroughly enjoyed it, found it educational, AND you get wined and dined and put up in a nice hotel for the night. So, the East Bay Judging dates are Thursday, May 11th & Friday May 12th . Anyone interested or wanting more info, please contact Connie (707) 217-2139 or

Coming VERY Soon to Your Inbox - The 2023 Achievement Awards Application - Looking forward to a robust field of entries

Coming Soon: Supplier Night (details forthcoming)

ALSO Coming Soon: SPRING GOLF @ Oakmont Golf Course (Valley of the Moon Club) Tues. May 16th beginning at 10:00 AM - Limited to 40 Golfers

So please RSVP to me for:

  1. Delta Bluegrass Sod Farm Tour & Free Lunch on Tuesday March 27 - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (limit 30). See more info in the attached newsletter

  2. If you are interested in Judging the Awards Entries from the East Bay Chapter of CLCA on Thursday May 11th & Friday May 12th

Cheers everyone and hope to see you soon!

Connie Salinas Executive Director/Journal Editor

CA Landscape Contractors Assoc.- North Coast

(707) 217-2139

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